6:45am – 9am Dog Drop Off
This is the time when most dogs are dropped off and is pretty much a free time for dogs to roam inside to meet and greet each other while they wait for other dogs to arrive. This period is supervised social time.

9am – 11:45am Inside/Outside Play
Dogs are allowed to play outside doing the many activities available including catching balls, playing with toys, sliding on the slides, playing with other dogs and playing in the pools (weather permitting). Inside play will consist of playing with their friends and playing with lots of toys (many to choose from).

12pm – 12:15pm Lunch Time
The dogs eat their lunch, snacks or treats, whichever they prefer.

12:15pm – 2:00pm Nap (down) Time
Dogs are seperated in thier own space for down time.

2pm – 4:30pm Inside/Outside Play
Dogs are allowed to play outside again with the different activities available.

4:30 – 6:00 Pick Up Time
This time is usually done inside and the dogs can play with a variety of different toys available to them before they are picked up. This period is also used as an unwinding time for the dogs.

Rates and Information

Heartwood offers a variety of daycare and overnight services for your family friend. If you have any questions about our rates or have a special situation to ask about call us for a quote (419)875-5032.

Monday - Friday
$20.00 for Daycare (6:45am - 6pm)

Drop off times: 7am breakfast if previously boarded with us or 9am breakfast for new dogs & dogs who prefer to eat at home
Additional $10.00 for overnights

Half Day Daycare
$14.00 (4 1/2 hours or less)

2 Time Choices: 7am-11:30am and 2pm-6pm

Saturday, Sunday
$24.00 a day overnights included!!

Pick up or drop off at 9am only

Monday - Friday
$15.00 Just Overnight Care

Drop off times: 4pm only
Pick up next morning by 9am

Good News! - Extended stays get extended discounts!! - Multiple dog discounts! - Referral credits!
(Additional charges will be applied if you are more than 1/2 hour past morning pick up times.)

Heartwood provides professional pet grooming services

Heartwood offer various grooming services for your family friend. Contact us for pricing and more information regarding our grooming services!

• High quality non-toxic shampoos and conditioners
• Medicated baths
• Ears cleaned
• Furminator
• Nails clipped
• Teeth cleaning
• Cologne
• Receive discount towards grooming during visit!